November Newsletter

November 2016

2016 Landmark Fawcett Off Shears sale is on WEDNESDAY the 9th of November. On route to or from the big Off Shears sale call into Coopers of Mt Pleasant for a Free Sausage Sizzle! Des from Barmac is back to promote the TOMCAT rat and mouse bait range.
It’s here finally…….. maybe?! Time to get the pool ready! We stock pool chlorine in tablets, granular and liquid as well as pool salt, pool floc, hydrochloric acid and even goggles!
Warmer weather = Pools, and BBQ’S!! We have gas (refill or Swap n Go), gas bottle fittings, charcoal, heat beads, BBQ tongs and scrapers, disposable aluminum trays and BBQ cleaner, we also have a ‘spit’ rotisserie for hire.

Sheep News

Please keep an eye on your sheep in the up and coming months, its looking like a pretty big season for flies and spray on treatments (Clik, Venus, Swatta, Cyromazine) are already looking short. Please place your orders ASAP so we can make sure we have it put aside for you.

Garden News

Anyone else having trouble with snails?? We have Eradicate snail bait available, Eradicate is also ‘pet friendly’ (we do not recommend your pets eat the whole packet). If you are looking for something with a bit more ‘kick’ we also have Meta and Slug Out available. Come in and check out our NEW range of plants available, we have just had 2 pallets arrive!

Agronomy News

Broadacre – If you are thinking about storing grain this year due increased yields please contact Anthony or Craig as there is a shortage on grain protection this year.

Viticulture – Speak to Craig about this seasons chemical supplies, due to a wetter than average spring there has been a shortage on certain fungicides, which has been taken by broadacre crops. If your vines are struggling and need a bit of a boost, Nutra-Vine 25kg is available exclusively to Coopers Farm Supplies please contact Craig or Anthony for more information.

Joke of the Month

A young boy told his mother that his father had taken him to the zoo. The mother couldn't believe it. She said, "Your father has never taken anyone to the zoo in his whole life." The boy said, "He did, and one of the animals paid fifty dollars!"