June Newsletter

June News 2018

Livestock tags orders, get organised and beat the 6 to 8 week delay in peak season. Don’t forget your PIC number, and what type of tag you require.

With the cooler nights upon us we have all your fire needs; eco logs, jiffies, sureburn lighters, matches, gas lighters, soot loose, glass polish. Fire wood will be available soon.

We have a few EOFY fencing specials again please speak to Bronte about what is available.

Creosoate posts are extremely short again we have been advised that there will be a 6 to 12 month wait on a majority of sizes. With the square creo post having an “indefinite” waiting period.   

Animal Health

Don’t forget to give your lambs their second vaccine ‘booster’. If lambs don’t receive a second dose 4 weeks after the initial dose they will not receive the full immunity of the vaccine. We also have all your lamb marking needs, vaccine, applicators, needles, marking rings, elastrator pliers, shears, mulesing shears, Tri-solfen, ear tags and applicators.


don’t forget to get the last couple of copper oxychloride sprays in on your fruit trees before they become dormant. Plant a bit of sage in with your brassicas, it will act like a natural repellent for caterpillars and moths. Keep up with the weeding in your vege patch.


Pasture: Make sure your looking out for any broad leaf weeds in your pastures, if you've planted new pasture be on the look out for RLEM (Red legged earth mite) and Snails speak to Adam if you need an inspection.  
Viticulture: Any new orders for vineyard posts expect up to a 12 month wait. Please contact Bronte for more information and alternatives. Contact Craig, Adam or Anthony in regards to composting availability and pricing.