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Lets talk about how to get the best life out of your solar battery. If you are using your Solar Foxlight continuously, there is nothing you need to do to help extend its life, except if it has been raining for a few weeks in a row, you may need to put it on charge for a day to boost its battery power.

If you are only using your Solar light for a season (say for example the lambing season) when you are storing your light, please ensure that the solar panel gets some light. It does not have to be direct sunlight, just enough light that the battery will keep slightly charged and not run down to no charge. Make sure you always store the Foxlight with the On/Off switch in the OFF position.

With these tips your Solar Foxlight should live a long and healthy life



We have covered Solar health, now lets talk about Battery light health. Again there is very little you need to do for these lights, but remember these pointers:

1. Never store your light with the battery in it, even if the battery is dead. the battery fluid may leak from the battery and this will eat the plastic bottom cap.

2. ALWAYS ensure that when you are replacing the battery light that you DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the cap. This will cause the o'ring to stretch which in turn will allow moisture in the light, which could cause the power board to fail.