Lime does many things to the soil including:

  • Increases soil Ph
  • Reduces aluminium and other metal toxicities
  • Helps to improve the physical condition of the soil
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Increases CEC in soils
  • Increases the availability of nutrients to plants
  • Supplies calcium and magnesium (dolomite limestone)
  • Calcium encourages plant root and shoot growth
  • improves the Calcium / magnesium ratio in soils

Soil acidity or low Ph depress plant/crop growth, reduce the plant availability of nutrients such as phosphorus and molybdenum and can affect the performance of soil applied herbicides. Liming products should be applied 3 months prior to the growing season to achieve full benefits. Liming benefits typically last 3-5 years depending on the weather conditions, common application rates are 2.5 - 3 tonnes/ha for agricultural powdered lime (Pen lime) or Hi Magnesium Dolomitic lime and 500kg/ha for concentrated pelletised lime (Calciprill).
These rates are a common guide only, for accurate rates to suit your soil conditions please refer to a recent soil test.

Pen lime and Hi Mag lime minimum order amounts apply approx. 12 tonne.
Agricola Superfine Lime minimum order amounts 30 tonne 
Calciprill can be purchased per tonne in bulka bags or in 20kg bag options.
Calciprill can be conveniently spread via cone spreader. 

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As spring has arrived it's time to lock up the paddocks for hay and apply Booster fertilisers. Booster fertilisers combine nitrogen with other key nutrients essential for plant growth.

As well as increasing dry matter production, Booster fertilisers can help improve the quality of hay and silage produced. Consider the type of pasture or fodder being fertilised. Legumes require adequate potassium levels to thrive and persist in the pasture.

Apple Booster fertilisers in late winter and early spring 6-8 weeks prior to harvest, ideally prior to rain.

Hay Booster is available in bulk containers, bulka bags and 25kg bags

Common rates are: 100kg/ha



N 11.7%     P 4.7%     K 23.9%     S 4.6%


A specially blended NPKS fertiliser for hay paddocks and pastures with a higher legume content.

  • Best applied when closing up paddocks to bulk up the pasture quickly and grow better quality hay.
  • Excellent for boosting the growth of sub-clovers, because of potassium supplied.
  • Helpful in speeding up the recovery of pastures after cutting.

 If you would like more helpful information of Booster fertilisers please come in and speak to our friendly staff in store or give them a call.