With the drier weather hay production is in full swing, both stores have twine, wrapping and netting ready to go. New season Meadow, Oaten and Lucerne hay has arrived in store.

Coopers pasture field day was held on the 16th of October, which was a great opportunity to showcase the new and existing varieties form Heritage seeds. Also the Viticulture field day on the 22nd with Syngenta was a great opportunity for local growers to gain some insight in sprayer set up and application rates, a big thanks to all those who took part in both events.

Fertility issues or lower yields, is your soil pH locking up valuable nutrients? Spring is the ideal time to look at your soil health, soil testing can detect nutrient imbalance in the soil. Testing should be carried out every 3 years, Have your fertilizer and lime rates blended to your specific needs. Contact our friendly staff for advice and prompt soil testing.

Spring is a good time to start planning for next seasons pasture renovation, or summer feed crops such as millet and sorghum, talk to staff for options. Spring is time treat sheep for lice application within 24 hrs after shearing.

In the garden it’s time to get into the vegie patch with new seedlings arriving in store weekly. Spring is also a great time to fertilise the lawns and continue with weed control.

Supplier of the month is Polymaster with big savings in November on selected firefighter packages.

For the horses, fly vails are in store in a variety of sizes, Coopers low sugar fine bladed meadow hay is in store ready to go.

October has been a busy month with the arrival of the newest Cooper member, mum and baby doing well.

Joke of the month: Anthony not sleeping well.


Southern Gallop Mix

This mix comprises three cool season native grasses - wheat grass, wallaby grass and weeping grass all of which will germinate over the cooler months from Autumn through to mid Spring in southern Australia. They are dependent on adequate soil moisture for germination and will not germinate if the soil is dry or becomes dry. Usually during the cooler months there are few issues with adequate soil moisture as long as the seed is buried a little way into the soil.

Native grass seed, many varieties available for order, great for revegetation , pasture or even lawns and landscaping see it growing at our Mt Torrens store , call in and see Adam at Mount Torrens for prices and information.